This RPO Firm Hires Thousands of People a Year-Here’s How Hiring is Changing

“What I’ve seen over the last six to 12 months is that companies are literally craving this information to understand: are they still competitive? Because they’ve made so many moves, whether it was with pay or benefits, they want to understand where they stack as it relates to their competition.” 

Terry Terhark, Founder and CEO, NXT Thing RPO

We’re Only Human — Episode 149

If you want to be an Olympian, you’d look at what Olympians do and learn from their approach. If you want to achieve that same world-class level of success in hiring, you should look at what world-class organizations are doing in hiring. 

NXT Thing RPO is a recruitment process outsourcing partner for innovative companies that desire support in their hiring operations. The leader of NXT Thing is Terry Terhark, a veritable legend in the RPO industry and a wealth of information about what creates successful hiring outcomes. 

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Terry about how hiring is evolving, what’s next for the economy, and how cultural alignment between employers and service providers plays a role in success of outsourcing relationships. 

Show Notes