Blacklisting, Heather Huhman, and The Ex Recruiter Show

FailWhat do you do when someone asks you to be on a radio show that you haven’t prepared for? You do it, of course! I was surprised recently when I received an email from both Paul Paris and Heather Huhman asking if I wanted to help out with an episode of the Ex Recruiter Show on blacklisting.

A Little Back Story

Heather is an entrepreneur. She hires her own employees, and she had a bad experience with one candidate who she ended up blacklisting. The whole experience was reported in an interview about blacklisting in the Wall Street Journal. Heather took a lot of flack in the comments from people who seemed to be in one of two groups. Either they didn’t know blacklisting really existed or they thought it was a horrible practice to promote.

When I saw Heather post on the experience on her blog (thanks to a tip from my buddy J.T. at CAREEREALISM), I quickly let her know that I supported her decision as a business owner to refuse to employ a certain person based on prior behavior. I think it was that support that led her to ask me to join her on Paul’s show.

The Show

The episode covered many topics… A few highlights:

  • Heather’s mom’s possible blacklist situation
  • Pot-stirring appearance by my buddy from the first HRevolution, Johnny Nyk
  • How blacklists work for recruiters, companies (no rehire policies), and individuals/entrepreneurs
  • Stupid reasons for blacklisting

And the absolute best resource I’ve ever found for making sure you don’t get put on a blacklist (or a “let’s laugh at this idiot” list) is Kerry’s Tales of the Clue Free series. I guarantee a few laughs and maybe even a shudder or two at the crazy antics of the people she highlights there.

Click here to listen to the show