Blogging Project

blogging-project Welcome! These resources are for those who would like to start their own blogs.

Wait, isn’t it incredibly difficult and a huge time suck? I’m too busy to do anything like that!

Actually, it’s not as bad as you think! Some of my favorite bloggers only post once or twice a week, so it’s possible to be popular without a lot of frequency.

And my blogging work has made me a better professional and helped me to expand my horizons so much farther than I would have been able to without this creative outlet.

So you think you can dance… Um, I mean blog?

That’s great. I believe that most people have something helpful to contribute to the conversation, and you could very well be one of those people.

The cost for some of this (domain, hosting, etc.) is either free or very reasonable. The price is cheap for something that is highly customizable, an online “resume,” and a great communication tool. I only recommend companies that I have experience with, so you know you can trust them, too. Ready to learn more? Go ahead and click through the pages below. Happy learning!

The Lessons

  • Why Start a Blog? – What is your blog’s purpose? Why are you starting it? Are you committed?
  • Blog Domain and Hosting – How do you get your blog online? Which hosting company should I use?
  • Setting up WordPress – How do I get WordPress installed? What can I do with it?
  • Choosing a Theme – How do I pick a theme that is right for me? Can I find one that fits my purpose and brand?
  • Writing the Blog – How do I write for the long haul? How do I stay motivated?
  • Random Blogging Q&A – More than two dozen random questions and answers about blogging and the how-to
  • How to launch and sell an eBook – A short video where I talk about how easy it is to create an eBook and establish yourself as an expert relatively quickly
  • How to build a blog – A short video where I talk about one of the best resources I use for keeping my blog in top condition

Since this is focusing mainly on the beginner side of the blogging world, I will be avoiding some of the meaty topics (at least in the beginning). Some of those things include SEO (search engine optimization), promotion, plugins, and more. If you are interested in those topics, please contact me and I will let you know when I have completed those tutorials. Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. Thanks!

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