Chief People Officer Perspective: How Persado Uses Bryq to Debias Hiring Decisions

“Our main priorities right now are not unlike all people leaders. We’re focused on hiring and we’re focused on retention. On the hiring front, it’s less about volume hiring. I think that everyone’s slowing down just a little bit. With this economy we’re focused on smart hiring and making sure that we’re bringing in the right people for the right roles. Making sure not just to check a box or to make sure we’re getting people in, but we want them to be happy in that role.”

Allison Lee, Chief People Officer, Persado


We’re Only Human — Episode 152


When we select candidates, bias enters the process. There’s no other way to say it. But increasingly companies are using tools to help them make selection decisions based on data. In Persado’s case, the company uses Bryq to help create a clear picture of what each candidate brings to the table so hiring managers can select the best fit candidate for the role, not just one that makes them feel comfortable. 

As we hear from Allison Lee, Chief People Officer at Persado, this type of tool also makes internal mobility and employee career development a more structured and valuable process, turning it from a reactive challenge to a proactive opportunity. 


Show Notes