How Southwest Airlines Promotes Internal Career Opportunities on We’re Only Human

“One of our ramp agents interacted with our CEO during one of his station visits and mentioned that he had taught himself how to code and that he was interested in technology. Our CEO was able to come back and connect him with recruiters and with our career mobility center [to] learn about a new program that we were just standing up. That employee actually moved from a ramp agent into this program, and our CEO was the one to call and make him an offer.” 

Kelby Tansey, Manager of Recruitment Marketing, Southwest Airlines

We’re Only Human — Episode 151

Most companies put at least some thought into how they promote their jobs to candidates outside the company. But what about promoting those jobs within the organization? Research shows that two out of three workers have quit a job because of a lack of growth, but 90% of them would have stayed if they had seen a path ahead!

In this episode, Ben talks with Kelby Tansey of Southwest Airlines about how the company makes positions and career choices known to its internal staff. Kelby opens the playbook on how to communicate, what to share, and why they prioritize it at Southwest. If your company is trying to get better at moving people within the business, get ready to take notes. 


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