New Research on the Impact of Employee Belonging

We can talk about DEI and belonging in that space. We can talk about culture, but really those powerful impacts that can happen internally and externally are really dictated on the leadership. When I think of leadership, I believe leadership is an example of love, trust, and grace. 

George Rogers, Chief Culture Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

We’re Only Human — Episode 153


There’s no shortage of conversations today about DEI and the newest addition to that set of perspectives–belonging. But one of the challenges talent and DEI leaders have is making belonging more than just a buzzword or an empty phrase. To get real investment, support, and focus on this critical topic, they need a business case. 

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from George Rogers, a new addition to the team at Lighthouse. George is going to be focusing his research on DEI, culture, leadership, performance, and engagement. In this conversation with Ben, George highlights some of the new research on belonging, such as how much it impacts someone’s plans to quit their job (spoiler alert: there’s a clear link!) or their intent to recommend their employer as a great place to work. If you are curious about employee belonging, this evidence-based approach will help you make it come to life within your organization. 


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