Defining Corporate Culture (Video)

Today we’re going to discuss one of the methods I use for defining corporate culture. If you’ve never taken the time to define what it means at your organization, I think you’ll find the exercise interesting and potentially valuable.

This week I’ll be running a series of videos on culture topics, from defining culture to leveraging it in the hiring process and more. I’m a culture junkie and believe that organizations that use it well can differentiate themselves from the competition. It’s a strategic competitive advantage. Use it well.

 Other videos in this series:

  1. Hiring for culture fit
  2. Unique corporate culture ideas
  3. Using culture for hiring discrimination

Defining Corporate Culture Notes

  • Pick someone at your organization that you wish you could clone. This is a superstar that fits in well, not just a talented jerk or a friendly idiot.
  • List the characteristics about that person that you value most. Honesty, dependability, persistence, etc.
  • Use those characteristics as the framework for your core values.
  • Living out those core values will lead the organization toward its “right” culture.

That’s one of the key ways I go about defining corporate culture. How about you?

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