Culture as a Type of Hiring Discrimination (Video)

Today I’m going to dispel the myth that culture is a form of hiring discrimination. Well, I’ll actually prove that it’s true, but in a different way than most people would expect. I use culture to discriminate against candidates  in every interview for every job we post. I look at how we do things, what attributes we find valuable in a candidate, and how well the person fits into those categories. In the video below I explain this in more detail.

This week I’ll be running a series of videos on culture topics, from defining culture to leveraging it in the hiring process and more. I’m a culture junkie and believe that organizations that use it well can differentiate themselves from the competition. It’s a strategic competitive advantage. Use it well. Other videos in this series:

  1. Defining corporate culture
  2. Hiring for culture fit
  3. Unique corporate culture ideas

Culture as Hiring Discrimination Notes

  • I sincerely hope that everyone uses culture to (legally) discriminate in the hiring process. 
  • Some companies use “culture fit” as a poor excuse for their own racial, gender, age, etc. biases.
  • Companies that use that excuse as a form of illegal hiring discrimination should be punished. It’s not what hiring for culture fit is about.

Hopefully now you can see why I believe culture is not a form of hiring discrimination for illegal purposes.

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