Don’t Teach Managers About Engagement: Teach Them to Be Engaging

“One day he challenged me and he said, ‘Listen, I want you to help our 477 store directors be great. But listen, I don’t want you to go and teach them about engagement. They don’t need like a history lesson. But I want you to teach them how to be engaging.’ As I’ve navigated through various organizations, what I realized is that most organizations have the same challenges around manager performance.”

Kamaria Scott, Manager Enablement Expert at Accenture

We’re Only Human — Episode 150


During a recent livestream event, when first-time managers was brought up as a conversation topic, multiple attendees quickly pointed out their own follies and challenges when it came to first time leadership roles. 

Yet most companies still don’t have a structured way to identify, select, and equip managers to be capable professionals. 

In today’s conversation with Kamaria Scott from Accenture, Ben and Kamaria talk about:

  • Some of her favorite methods for helping to create more openness around manager performance enablement
  • Supporting open dialogue with “manager circles”
  • Carefully applying training where it needs to go instead of wielding it as a weapon.

This is a powerful discussion for any organization or leader who has wondered how to create a more capable and connected manager. 


Show Notes