3 thoughts on “Effective Communication-Senior HR Competencies Series

  1. Joe

    Nice video — thanks for sharing! Eye statements make a big difference, for sure. Communication is SO important, that’s why I think HR pros should make sure they are giving employees total compensation statements to show them how much their real salary is.

  2. Michael Brisciana

    Ben – – –

    Great point about using “Can I get back to you on that” when you’re scattered, you don’t know the answer, and it’s too important to guess or deflect.

    I did this poorly at the beginning of my career (I would feel pressured by more senior people to respond on issues I wasn’t fully familiar with), until a mentor suggested the “can I get back to you shortly” approach. No expects you to have a perfect answer on the spot every time. They do expect you to take them seriously and give their issue your full attention.

    “Can I get back to you” communicates, “I know this is important; I want to give you my full attention and my best response, and if I can have a little time to think about this and develop an effective response, it will serve your needs well.” There are times when someone needs an on-the-spot answer, but these are few and far between. In most cases, a slightly later but more substantive answer will be much more effective — and, in the end, much more appreciated.


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