Free Access to HR Certification Courses and Other HR Tools

[Update 3/23 at 9:29am CST] We have already given away our first $1,000 but are doubling down and offering a total of $2,000 in courses at this time. We are hoping to bring something positive out of such a negative and worrisome time for our workforce.

[Update 3/23 at 12:20pm CST] We have provided over $3,000 in free access codes for the HR community. What an amazing response. To those of you that are seeing this now, we have created a discount code for 50% off any of our courses through the end of the month but have exhausted all of the free courses we can provide at this time. We appreciate you and the work you do for the workforce. If you use the code humanity you can get 50% off our PHR or SPHR prep courses. 

Over the last week I have had over a dozen calls with HR practitioners to check in and connect as humanly as possible while we are all quarantined in our respective areas of the world. Several of them mentioned that they were going to use this unprecedented time to think about getting certified while they have more downtime than usual in their days (once things settle down a bit from the transition).

free career bookHearing that, I realized that I could help make that a reality for many HR leaders, especially those that might be furloughed or laid off right now because of the struggles many companies are facing. 

Donating $1,000 in Free HR Certification Courses

To that end, we are going to give away up to $1,000 in free courses to help HR professionals that want to get certified in the next few months. That’s all. No strings attached. If you are thinking about getting certified and were worried about the financial aspect or if you are laid off or out of work right now, we want to help. Contact me for more information: ben at

Other HR Tools/Resources

On a related note, our team at Lighthouse Research & Advisory published a list of 15+ HR technology companies that are offering services, free technology, templates, and other information to help all of us as we cope during this challenging time. We just added more to the list this morning, taking it to over 20 companies. If you want some free technology to help you scale your efforts and support your staff, check out the list.

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  1. Bunmi

    Hi Ben,i stumbled on this awesome site three days ago and it has been nothing short of educative even though i am not yet in HR but i am very confident that i will clinch that HR assistant role this year.You have amazing tons of posts that i have been digesting and this is by far the best site that is out rightly downright,simple to understand and also breaking the fear i have as i have been on this journey of transition for a while. I am interested in the free certification courses to broaden my knowledge.Thanks.

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