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Free human resources webinarI hear tell that there’s a free webinar coming up on April 15th! I’ll be listening in. Will you? It’s called A Perfect Match: 10 M’s of Employee Engagement and will be hosted by LinkedHR. I’ve already reserved my seat and hope to blog about the content, but it wouldn’t hurt to experience it for yourself. It also qualifies for one strategic credit from HRCI, and I know it’s tough to get those for this kind of price!

I had the great opportunity to see Laura Huckabee-Jennings and her presentation on employee engagement entitled “Leaders Have Followers” at a NASHRM event earlier this year. That event opened my eyes to the sort of impact employee engagement can have on an organization, and I’m hoping this free webinar will take that even further.

The event site has this to say as a teaser:

Lately, the engagement phenomenon has caught the attention of researchers and practitioners in the HR field – and for good reason. Engagement, a powerful combination of energy, passion, and focus, is connected to more effective leadership, stronger commitment, lower turnover, and increased customer loyalty. This session will introduce participants to this emerging trend.

Click here to register for this free webinar!

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