Guest Post Blitz #3

I try not to let things catch me by surprise. But it happens anyway. Oh, well! I am on the move much of the time, and I try to save my best writing times for this site. However, I occasionally slip in an article somewhere else, and I try not to let them go by without at least a passing mention. With that in mind, feel free to explore these little seeds that I’ve scattered to the four corners of the online world.

Zombies, Bacon, and HR

Halogen Software has a blog set up just for some of the more fun posts related to the HR world, and every once in a while they let me send something along. This post is funny and serious at the same time, so give it a try.

3 Ways to Use Twitter at Work

Do you tweet on the job? I’ll be honest. I do sometimes. It may be important and valuable. It may be silly and useless (other than giving someone else a laugh). But what if you had a boss that’s not as cool as mine? What if you couldn’t tweet on the job? Check out this post at Jobacle to learn what to do about it.

Sphere of Influence

A recent post on RocketHR was inspired by a comment at HRevolution, and I believe it’s something that people should consider. Would your sphere of influence as an HR professional be bigger or smaller if you focused your efforts on a select handful of people? I don’t think the answer is that obvious. Click through and leave a comment if you disagree.

HRevolution Carnival

Y0u may have seen my long post “HR Unconference” recently. That was one of many great posts that were featured in an HRevolution-centric HR carnival. Check it out for everything you ever wanted to know about HRevolution!