How Does AlliedUniversal Hire 90,000 Workers a Year? Referrals and PURPOSE [Podcast]

How many people did your firm hire last year? 10? 100? 1,000? While it’s not a contest, there are lessons to be learned from organizations that hire more people, because they have the process down to a science. Today we’re going to hear from the head of hiring operations at AlliedUniversal, one of the largest security firms in the world. AlliedUniversal hires more than 90,000 workers per year and has some great lessons we can all learn from, such as hiring with purpose.

I actually looked at the archive and realized I recorded a video nearly 8 years ago on how to work with purpose. It’s pretty early in my video recording days, which means the quality is iffy and you get to see the version of me that was brand new to this whole world of HR, but if you want to subject yourself to it, here’s the link. :-)

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Show Notes

How does something as seemingly simple as purpose fit into a company’s hiring plans, especially when those plans involve hiring more than 90,000 people a year? That’s a core part of the conversation when Ben recently connected with Catherine King, VP of Talent Acquisition and Staffing at AlliedUniversal. The company is an impressive security services firm with 150,000 employees spanning the United States and serving in a variety of industries.

The company also uses some interesting referral bonuses to help drive new hires, but not the way you might expect. Instead of relying just on an internal referral program like most firms, AlliedUniversal actually pays community organizations such as AARP for every single referral that is ultimately hired, drastically increasing the reach and talent pool. The company makes a special effort to hire senior, or experienced, workers as they bring a wealth of experience to the communities in which they serve.

In the discussion, Ben and Catherine delve into these talent strategies along with other aspects of how AlliedUniversal fills critical roles by giving employees a sense of a greater purpose. It’s a great conversation and one that you don’t want to miss!

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