6 thoughts on “How to have fun at work

  1. Nathaniel

    Great video Ben. Couldn’t agree more. Bringing ‘fun’ to work projects in general is a great idea. Helps energize the people you work with and hopefully encourages them to come up with new ideas too.

  2. Bruce Dodge

    It is all about building engagement vs. compliance! Fun helps take the “have to” feel out of some mundane tasks and gets people to complete them without HR having walk around with the “Big Stick”. Great point!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for the comments, Nate and Bruce! Sometimes we need a kick in the butt as a reminder. :-) Reading a book now called The Levity Effect and it’s all about how fun stuff is actually good for business. Hoping to review soon…

  3. Doug Shaw

    Hi Ben

    Very good video – like your relaxed style and your wry smile that keeps popping up. And I love the halo around your head caused by the light behind, it says to me that having fun at work truly is a hallelujah moment!

    Great stuff thanks for sharing.

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