How to Improve Employee Engagement in 2017

Employee turnover is part of life in the corporate food chain—you hire someone, they work for a while, you replace them. But what if I told you that you can lower turnover while spending little to no money?

Since HR professionals are often holed up in our own little cubbies, we don’t necessarily get to see what daily life looks like for everyone else in our company. But understanding the work environment is crucial to lowering turnover. In fact, you could be missing valuable warning signs that employees are about to quit—like low engagement.

Employee engagement rates are lower than ever, with just 30% of employees fully engaged at their jobs. Disengaged employees are more likely to complete personal tasks at work, produce lower quality work, and ultimately, quit their jobs.

To prevent this, you’ll need to know the warning signs of disengagement and how to help employees stay motivated. This great resource from Company Folders will teach you the ins and outs of employee engagement, plus some great motivational strategies you can use to retain your top talent.