HR Brand-Words vs Actions

Your HR brand is what you do, not what you say

As part of our rebranding of HR we were asked to come up with a new name for our Human Resources department. Can you guys help me with your suggestions to rename our department?

I don’t want to pick on the person who posted this, so I won’t name them, but I had to laugh when I read it. Call it the Pit of Despair. Call it the Confluence of People and Happiness. It doesn’t really matter as much as what you do.

Is the HR brand at your organization built on words? Is it built on fancy titles and exciting descriptions that include “ROI, strategy, and metrics?”

Or is it built on actions? Is it sitting on a strong foundation where your staff members know that you are working your tail off to make the organization better?

Here’s a tip. Spend less time thinking on how you can change the department’s name (and keep doing the same old things) and more time on how you can change what you’re doing to have a larger impact on the business and its people.

And if you want a funny name, the Humor Resources Department is a good one!

8 thoughts on “HR Brand-Words vs Actions

  1. Shane Hall

    Ben, I couldn’t agree more. Something I’d like to add: Too often, HR will come back with how they can’t make a change, don’t have a seat at the table, etc… and that they can’t be the driver of change you are talking about. I disagree! Here is my point…

    Dear HR,
    No one will ever GIVE you the leadership role. No one will ever walk up and say, here are the keys to the culture car, and let me pull your chair out at the executive table for your… Nope, you need to TAKE this responsibility (privilege)… you don’t need permission. Just start DOING. Take the wheel and bring back the Passions and Leadership that belongs in your organization under your stewardship!

    Make it a great day!

  2. Focus IT Recruitment

    I just read an article about innovative culture @ HR Bartender and I can say renaming the department name is not an innovation. So your graphic speaks a thousand words. So you are absolutely right. It would be best to change how the department handle things than giving it a fancy name.

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