HR Summer School: Winter Break Edition

In the last two years, I’ve had more people tell me “I never thought I would love summer school so much!” 

Truthfully, I didn’t know that I would, either! 😊

It’s that love of getting together and inspiring each other that encouraged me to set up a special one-day session for HR Summer School lovers to get together during the cold months, and in keeping with the school theme, it’s called Winter Break!

On 2/22/22, we’ll be getting together to learn, grow, and lift each other up as a profession. I hope that you’ll join us for 2.5 free recert credits and chances to win some amazing prizes and resources to make you a better and more capable HR professional. For a preview, we’ll be giving away: 

  • Copies of Julie Turney’s book Confessions of an HR Pro
  • Snazzy (and sassy) HR notebooks to show off your favorite profession
  • Signed copies of my book on using technology to make work more human
  • And more!

We have speakers already lined up to help us with: 

  • The critical link between pay and financial wellness 
  • The lesson on self care for HR that EVERYONE is getting wrong
  • Why our people need us as HR pros to be leading now more than ever

And we’re finalizing our speakers and agenda this week. 

Sign up free at the HR Summer School website!