HRevolution 2012-What Just Happened?

Wow. As I’ve said before, it takes a little time to decompress and consider just what is going to come out of the event, and this is no different. There were amazing sessions, fun times, and all kinds of new experiences for the attendees.

A few highlights:

  • the HR Improv session was a hit-hoping to post some of that video soon
  • the deep, honest discussions in the Diversity and The Oreo session were sworn to secrecy
  • nearly 50% of the attendees joined us for their first time; great to expand our circle to include some new voices

I clarified a handful of things with regard to my own HR role, but they were good ones. This event is always tough for me, because the discussions are often theoretical (though certainly not always).

I was discussing the event with Jason Lauritsen, and he framed it as a chance to recharge and renew his spirit to face challenges on day-to-day basis. I thought it was appropriate and a fitting tribute to the reason we started the event in the first place.

Some people walk away with action items. Some people walk away with new ideas and concepts. Some people, apparently, walk away with the spirit and energy they need to continue their own “revolution” in their workplace. That’s just incredible for all of us who created this event to see how much of an impact it’s having on people everywhere.

Quotable Quotes

You don’t create a great place to work. You defend it. –Bret Starr

The definition of a team player is a person who does something the wrong way just because someone more powerful tells them to. –Bill Kutik

Does diversity even matter? Are there jobs that you really aren’t looking for diversity in? –Tim Sackett/William Tincup

The Future of HRev

We kept hearing from attendees asking about the future of HRevolution. Is this the last event? Will the events change?

Here’s the bottom line: we don’t know yet.

There are many challenges and opportunities on the horizon, and we are looking at how to incorporate those to make HRevolution a better, more user-friendly event. We created this thing to be a valuable resource for HR pros and business leaders, and we’ve fulfilled that mission. Now the decision falls on if we want to continue that sort of focus or look at more innovative, push-the-envelope types of activities.

Whatever the case, we are so thankful for our fans, participants, and sponsors. You are the reason we do this.

2 thoughts on “HRevolution 2012-What Just Happened?

  1. broc.edwards


    As a first time participant I thought it was a great experience. I’d been really looking forward to some great sessions and discussions, finally meeting people I’d known only through their blogs or twitter, and building new friendships with people I’d be meeting for the first time.

    Here’s what I found:
    *Everyone was superfriendly and welcoming.
    *It was a conference of peers. I saw no posturing, displaying of merit badges/degrees/certifications, or ego trips. From presenters to other first timers, it felt like everyone just wanted to meet, discuss, and share.
    *The content was good, but time passed too quickly. I found myself wishing for longer sessions more time to discuss. Yet, there’s only so much that can be done in one day.
    *Too often, I was torn between which sessions to attend. Too much good stuff happening. That’s a great problem to have.
    *There are some seriously funny folks out there. And, thankfully, there are some very patient and good hearted souls willing to play along with presenters who are making it up as they go. I refer, of course, to HRImprov. Congrats and admiration to my fellow presenters and a big thank you to everyone who attended the session. And some good natured grief to whoever chose the topics.(A comparison of economic systems?!? Internet dating?!? Eye relaxing techniques?!? Best boyfriends?!? Tourism in the Netherlands?!? What?!?)
    *Ben, you and the others did a great job of planning and keeping things on track. You were also very accessible to answer questions that helped me prepare to attend. Thanks!
    *Would I attend again? Absolutely. It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

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