#HRevolution News: Don’t miss out!

HRevolution LogoHRevolution seems like it’s so far off. It’s been four months since the last event, and we’re still working on what we want it to look like in 2011. One thing we’re sure of? It will be better than ever. Trish has been gathering feedback on what people want to see, and if you haven’t checked out the comments, please do so now. If you like email better, here’s how to reach me.

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If you’re looking for something to help tide you over until the next event, make sure you go back and check out the HRevolution Carnival from HRev 2010. It’s the source for all the best information about the event.

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2 thoughts on “#HRevolution News: Don’t miss out!

  1. Leon Noone

    G’Day Ben
    I was referred to your blog by Chris Ferdinand. “Upstart HR” appeals to me. So I just joined the blog.
    I should warn you that it’s about 50 years since I was called an “upstart.” These days I’m more of a heretic curmudgeon.
    My views on HR are well……. tending towards “unconventional.” And I’ve believed passionately for years that HR is the responsibility of line managers. But that’s another story. Have a look at my blog, managingemployeeperformance .com if you’d like to know more.
    By the way, if you didn’t have any subscribers from Sydney before, you do now.
    Make sure you have fun.

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