70% of employers perform social search on candidates

employers search social media

Despite the scary “end of the world” talk out there from legal types about how using social media will land your company in a lawsuit, 70% of employers are still searching for candidate information on social networking sites, and approximately one-third search every single time. I’ve talked before about how social media use varies between employers and candidates. Does this mean that the gap is closing? Are more companies trying to research and engage job seekers through social channels? Let’s hope so.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is your organization using social tools to reach out to candidates? If so, how?

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Photo courtesy of the Jobvite Social Recruiting Report.

One thought on “70% of employers perform social search on candidates

  1. Erica Lynn

    this looks about right to me. I’m surprised it’s not more! The ones that say they aren’t using social media, probably just don’t know HOW! I mean come on, it’s human nature to be a little nosy! LOL

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