#HRSummerSchool: Time for Extra Credit!

Two weeks ago we ran a live, virtual event that has already been seen by tens of thousands of HR professionals, talent leaders, students, and more. One of the sessions gave us technical issues, so we are running what we are lovingly calling an “extra credit” session and I would love to have you attend!

If you didn’t attend HR Summer School, you missed an epic experience. I haven’t published a formal update based on the event, but suffice to say it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We had thousands of comments, new connections, and interaction beyond any other HR webcast or webinar you have ever experienced.

FYI: many of our attendees were interested in the books written by the speakers. You can get those here on Amazon. If you want your #HRSummerSchool commemorative shirt or other gear, that’s found here.

Just check out the map below to see where attendees participated from around the world. It probably wouldn’t surprise you after seeing this map to hear that over ONE MILLION minutes of HR Summer School have been watched on LinkedIn already since the event. 😮


Before I get to the extra credit session, let me share with you a few of the many comments from those that participated in HR Summer School live, in no particular order. Click through the images below to see some of the amazing feedback.

One participant told me that she was about to get out of HR because it wasn’t exciting anymore. After two days of participating in the event, she said her passion had been rekindled and that she was excited to look for a new employer that actually values the input from HR in the business. If she had been the only participant, I would have called this event worthwhile, but thankfully (as you can see below) we had so many more amazing participants. 

Extra Credit Details

Monday, June 29th from 11a-12:30p Central time we will be sharing the session from Sarah Noll Wilson on how to Stop Feeding the Elephant in the Room, plus two surprise guests for interactive fireside chat conversations about hiring strategies, advancing your HR career, and more!

We will be sharing the join link to those who registered for HR Summer School, but if you did not register then we need you to let us know that you want to attend and participate!

Due to popular demand we will have other continuing HR Summer School content in the coming months (and years!), but we wanted to wrap up our first event and make sure Sarah got her well-deserved time on stage. We hope that you can join us for this exciting conversation!

Adding the event to your calendar:

Click the Google Calendar image below to add this to your calendar. Or, if you’re using another calendar app like Outlook or iCal, you can use this link to get the calendar file. Simply download and open the file to add it to your calendar.

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    Hi Ben,

    Kudos to you, your staff and the great sponsors who made HR Summer School happen. This was the shot in the HR arm we all needed! Loved the great sessions and the engagement from participants from all over the world. Looking forward to the extra credit sessions.

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