Unconventional HR Advice: Love Your People

love your employeesLast week I was listening to a business owner talk about how he leads his company. He talked through several areas he thought were pertinent, but one statement he made really stuck out.

You have to love your people.
-Zack Penney

As I think back over my time as an HR professional, the times that I felt like I was making the most difference in the lives of my staff was when I held a very similar mindset. We have to care for these people, because if you don’t someone else will. It’s no different than marriage, kids, friends, etc. We all want someone to value and care about us. If we don’t get it from our immediate surroundings then we tend to look elsewhere for it.

Not only that, but when it’s time to make decisions that affect the people that work with you, it’s going to help you to frame those decisions. I know that just because you care that can’t drive everything you do, but doing something negative with care, respect, and concern for the person on the other end of the transaction will soften the experience and make it easier to digest.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, “There’s no way I could really care for these people I’m working with,” then it might be time to find somewhere else where that is a possibility.

As you go through your day today, ask yourself:

  • Do I really care for these people?
  • Do they know it?
  • If I have to deliver bad news, how does that care and concern factor into the discussion/decision?

What say you? Is this a worthwhile aspiration or a silly waste of time? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

4 thoughts on “Unconventional HR Advice: Love Your People

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  2. Trevor Stasik

    Nobody likes to feel like they have been forgotten. A little respect and recognition can go a long way, even if you have to deliver negative news. Great post Ben!

  3. TJ

    Hello. I just discovered your site about 2 days ago when I googled “How to break into HR.” Sounds like you’ve been doing this for a while. I’m an aspiring HR professional. Tragically, too many are more concerned about the bottom line OR they wait until a negative incident occurs THEN they suddenly want to show how much they care.

    I’m probably in the “wrong culture” as you state in your HR challenge guide.

  4. HR Wannabe

    Amen to this post! I’m in a place now where sup doesn’t care (only cares for two favs). I’m seeking other opportunities that include getting my advanced degree in HR (my undergrad was in an unrelated area and was several years back). Not caring really affects your morale, and productivity in general. Thanks for posting!

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