Mythbusting AI in Talent Acquisition on We’re Only Human

The days of a recruiter having to really remember or jot down different iterations, skills, synonyms, acronyms… Those days are gone. We are constantly learning based off of the resumes that we’re parsing. 

Terry Bustamante, DaXtra Technologies


We’re Only Human — Episode 133


Back in December, Ben and over 100 other business leaders and technology providers attended the HR Tech Connect Summit in Jacksonville, FL. At the event, one key session was called Mythbusting AI for HR, and it dove into the specific areas where myths abound because of misinformation or lack of insight into algorithm-based technologies. 

Today’s conversation with Terry from DaXtra, recorded live on site during the HR Tech Connect Summit, dives into mythbusting AI specifically around hiring, giving ideas about how AI can increase the number of candidates available for a role, drive diversity and limit bias, and so much  more. 


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