Top Concerns for HR in 2022 on We’re Only Human

“Many employees these days may feel disconnected from their jobs or the company culture as a whole.”

Ralf Hoffman, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Drake Star


We’re Only Human — Episode 132


One of the things that makes us all better is hearing from people outside of our bubble. In this episode, Ben talks with Ralf Hoffman, an investor and business leader that helps with funding and business deals across the HR technology industry. They dive into some of the things that are top of mind for Hoffman, such as the inclusion of artificial intelligence into HR operations, the need to consider virtual and remote employees when making decisions, and more. 

But Ben also asks a hard question towards the end: should HR, talent, and learning professionals be looking at the company behind the technology, not just the software, when making a purchasing decision? 

Check out this conversation to hear Ralf’s answer and other trends his firm is watching for the coming year. 


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