Pay Transparency and Compensation Trends with Marriott’s VP of Global Compensation

 ”The joke is pilots get in the plane, they read their checklist, and they take off. They push the [autopilot] button and sit back and wait for the plane to land itself. But when something goes wrong, suddenly the pilot’s got to take control. And then everybody’s life’s in that pilot’s hands. I think autopilot turned off for compensation people 18 months ago.”

Bryan Briscoe, VP Global Compensation at Marriott International


We’re Only Human — Episode 154


There’s not a company in existence that hasn’t needed to take a fresh look at compensation in the last year. The general consensus? “Wages are up.”

But this conversation offers a deeper look for those that really want to dig into how compensation is changing. In today’s episode, Ben chats with Bryan Briscoe of Marriott International about critical trends in compensation like pay transparency requirements, how crowdsourced pay data compares to traditional salary survey data, and the biggest lesson Bryan recommends that other HR and compensation leaders follow if they want to be successful. 

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