How Coca Cola Europacific Exposes External Candidates to Internal Culture Champions

 ”So there’s a massive amount of insights coming from this. We measure things like net promoter score — we have an average NPS of around 73, which as we all know is pretty great. And a big one for me is that 41% of people we actually go on to hire actually have used the platform once or more than once. That’s a really big figure to show this is actually supporting employees to apply with us and attracting them to us and being successful in getting a role with us.”

Lisa Brignall, Head of Talent Acquisition GB at Coca Cola Europacific Partners

We’re Only Human — Episode 155

One of the things every company struggles with is sharing a realistic preview of the job with candidates. Job applicants expect recruiters and hiring managers to smooth over the rough edges, and it’s tough to have a transparent and honest conversation. But Lisa Brignall and the team at Coca Cola Europacific Partners have found a way to solve for this. They actually give candidates access to employee Insiders that are empowered to talk about the culture, work conditions, and other realities of employment. 

In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben and Lisa talk about the program, how it’s set up, and what results and impact it has already demonstrated in a relatively short time. If your company is hiring and wants to create a more open dialogue with candidates, this episode is for you. 

Show Notes