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I started this blog to cover everything from HR education to what new HR pros need to know. Since then I’ve had a few post series that examined the various parts of the issues out there and uncovered hidden aspects of what’s really going on that most HR pros don’t know about. Have an idea you’d like me to write on? Email me.

Posts in the HR Careers series:
How to get a job in HR
Human resource career

Jobs in human resources

SHRM chapter managementPosts in the SHRM Chapter Leadership series:
Get more out of your SHRM chapter membership
SHRM chapter planning and marketing
30+ Ideas for SHRM chapter leaders
-Promo idea: How I got immediate value from joining a SHRM chapter

young professional frustrationsPosts in the HRYP Series:
HRYPs, what you need to know
How to build credibility as a young professional
How to find (or create) challenging and meaningful work
How to define and pursue a career path

Advanced HR Degree
Posts in the HR education series:
Introducing the HR education series
What are we learning?
Bridging the HR curriculum gap
SHRM’s HR education efforts
Advanced HR education

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