Jobs in human resources management (My HR Career #3)

The two previous parts in this series dealt with HR careers and how to get a job in HR and human resource career opportunities. Today I will talk about my own move into a new human resources management job (yippee!). :-)

My time in my first HR job taught me a lot about what I do and don’t want to do in my career. I can still remember talking with Jennifer McClure back at SHRM10 this summer about moving into a job that was a good fit for me. Then, a few weeks ago, I was talking with Dawn Hrdlica about the exact same thing. Both of them gave me the same advice, and I was finally able to do what I really wanted. They said:

You have to know where you want to go with regard to your career. Otherwise the opportunity might pass you by before you realize you wanted it.

So I thought really, really hard about what I wanted to do next. Yeah, I could just leap at any open position that came up, but it wouldn’t really be what I wanted. I made a short list of things that were highly desired in my next job.

  1. Small company
  2. Generalist role
  3. Opportunities for growth/experimentation
  4. Great culture

A few weeks ago I found out about an HR position with a small local startup company (there’s #1!). I applied, but it was over my head in that the person would wear many hats and assume multiple roles (#2). I didn’t expect too much, but it was a job I’d love to have. I contacted the hiring manager and learned more about the position.  A big benefit of the job would be the opportunities (#3) it presented for growth and development. All I needed was the culture…

So, fast forward a few weeks, and I’m sitting there being interviewed by the president, vice president, and operations manager. We get down to the end of the interview, and I’m feeling really confident about the whole meeting. As a parting comment, I asked the president if there was one “must have” for the person who would take the position. He responded that the person had to fit into their culture well, because it was one of his highest priorities that they hire for culture fit (#4!). One of the coolest things about the interview was seeing the president scrolling through my blog while I spoke with the operations manager. :-)

A few short days later, I had an offer letter in hand and my resignation turned in at work. This thing was going to happen. On Monday, November 22nd, I start a new chapter in my career. I’ll be going to Pinnacle Solutions here in Huntsville, AL, and I am so thrilled about the possibilities ahead. I’m thankful to those who have helped me along the way and I can’t wait to see how much I learn and grow in this new position!

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21 thoughts on “Jobs in human resources management (My HR Career #3)

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  2. HR Introvert

    Well done Ben. Congratulations! You’ve got a great selection of criteria there. Being over your head with your appetite for learning is a great combination. But you will find youare not in too deep at all, because you have great connections.

  3. Jennifer McClure

    Congratulations on the new job Ben! I’m so excited for you in taking this next step in your career. As with all that you do, you’ve been thoughtful in your approach and that should give you a great start in your new position.

    I like your new company already. They chose very well! :)

  4. Leon Noone

    G’Day Ben,

    Congratulations! Sounds terrific.As I keep telling people, the prime purpose of the face to face job interview is to determine whether the candidate will fit the culture.

    May this curmudgeon from Down Under remind you that your clients are the managers and that your prime role is to help them improve the business.

    And I just can’t resist this: may your new job prove to be a pinnacle in your career.

    Good luck: make sure you have fun.



  5. Ben Post author

    @Krista Thanks!
    @Benjamin Fun is a must. :-)
    @Introvert Appreciate the support!
    @Jennifer Made sure you got the props you deserve. Remember when I told you I had something about the infinite wisdom of Jennifer McClure that I was planning to write? :-)
    @Lisa I didn’t even think of it that way, but you’re right! Super cool.
    @Leon Great advice! As I told Benjamin above, fun is one of the things that a job MUST have if it’s going to be palatable. Big requirement for me.

  6. Rachael

    Congratulations Ben – good luck – I have always found Generalist roles to be a little like a rollercoaster – there are occasions where you wish you could put the bottom of your stomach back in but it is so totally overtaken by the rush of being able to successfully juggle so many balls… :) :)

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  8. Jay Kuhns

    Congrats on the new position Ben! You have many old (and virtual new) friends who are happy to help as you work through all 4 items identified above. Good luck.

  9. Ben Post author

    @Rachel As weird as it might seem to some people, Rachel, that sounds like a dream come true for me. Definitely a change from my previous role!
    @Debbie Thanks Debbie! Now I can get all KINDS of shoes for the girls. ;-)
    @Sue Thanks, Sue! I appreciate the kind words. :-)
    @Shauna Now I won’t have to complain to you via gchat anymore. ;-)
    @Jay Kind of you to offer, Jay. I’ll definitely add your brain to my “must pick” list next time I have a hairy kind of question!

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