Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)

Recruiting has been changing for some time. It’s no longer about simply tracking candidates–not if you’re trying to beat the competition, anyway. Sourcing, or seeking out candidates, is a powerful part of a recruiting strategy, but there are also elements of recruiting that have changed in recent years as the recruitment marketing field has grown into its own discipline. From custom landing pages and search engine optimization to candidate engagement and social/mobile, there are so many ways to reach employees that weren’t even in existence when most of us started recruiting.

Side note: I haven’t done a video in quite a while, so I wanted to plug one in here that I did recently that ties in nicely with the topic. I love video blogs but my camera has been on the fritz, so I used the somewhat-grainy webcam. Looking forward to having my camera back in action!

In this video I explain three of the ways that recruiting could learn a lesson from marketing, including:

  • How to seeing the hiring process as a type of sales funnel
  • The importance of using personas to find the right talent
  • Why we need to be using data and measurement to prove value

Free eBook on Recruitment Marketing

The recruitment marketing superstars over at SmashFly put together this free eBook with the help of some of those who have been keeping tabs on this trend. You can get your copy here:

What are your thoughts on this relatively new, and growing, topic? How are you changing your recruiting approach so that you’re pulling in candidates who are a fit for your company and culture? 

3 thoughts on “Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)

  1. imhr

    I’ve also spoken with recruiters and they often proficient in getting results from areas where some marketers aren’t e.g. Social Networking, primarily because they are measured and paid on results and therefore very good with a direct approach. I agree with SEO/UI design etc., and seeing recruitment from a marketing/sales perspective in general though. Many to a good job of this also, outsourcing PPC campaigns, doing email marketing etc., although I bet there are plenty who don’t.

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