RocketHR is Born

Social media is growing, and there’s no end in sight. Recently, Kris Dunn came and spoke to my local SHRM chapter about social media and its uses for HR professionals.  It’s interesting that he was slated to come in August, because I had proposed a chapter blog shortly before then. I envisioned something like the work that Stephen has done with HR Gumbo, but probably not as awesome. Anyway, a few weeks of frenzied work behind the scenes led to the current site.

One potential issue was that we weren’t sure how the blog would play out in the long run. What if I moved away? What if I suddenly hated blogging? To smooth that wrinkle, I promised updates every week on Monday, since most of the people reading wouldn’t be able to keep up with more than that. After a year, we will reassess and see if we can draw in more writers, because I would like to do more with the chapter in a hands-on capacity whenever possible.

And RocketHR was born.

I’m hoping that it can be used as social media “training wheels” for the members of the chapter (and anyone else out there who’s delving into SM for the first time). The first posts are directed toward those fresh faces, so make sure and point people in that direction if you think they can learn something useful!

  • Have someone you’re trying to convert to social media? The post on the social web might be helpful as a primer.
  • Need to explain Google Reader to someone? Keep the Google Reader tutorial close at hand.
  • Know something that might be useful to someone new to the social media space? Leave a comment!
  • Are you new to this stuff? If so, then please let me know what you’d like to learn!

And as always, any assistance in promoting this new blog would help greatly in proving its worth as a tool for my local chapter. Thanks!

And the snazzy logo was created by my good friend Allen Robinson (@logicwriter).

2 thoughts on “RocketHR is Born

  1. Stephen Geraghty-Harrison

    Ben, it has been a blast working with you and an honor to have your interest in HR Gumbo! Creating HR Gumbo has been an incredible experience for not only me, but my entire home SHRM chapter, Big Bend SHRM. Loving Rocket HR. Together we will take over the HR world! HR Gumbo + Rocket HR = SHRM Awesomeness! ;)

    1. Ben Post author

      @Stephen You’ve been a big help in the process of getting the chapter on board. Thanks for being a friend and an amazing HR professional!

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