Send This to Your Managers Today

[Your staff] need to be better because you are there, not the other way around.

Last week I was reading something and ran across this amazing comment for managers. It’s short. It’s to the point. And it is a sorely needed reminder for many managers about their responsibilities to their people.

management reminderDuh.

Yes, you get something out of having people work for you. However, they need to be getting something out of the relationship as well.

We’re all guilty of this one, so feel free to pass this around today. Step on some toes. Push some buttons.

I’m for pretty much whatever it takes to help remind each of us of our responsibilities as leaders. Ask the questions below to a manager today!

Think it over. Are your people better off because you are there, or is it a one-way street where you benefit from their efforts? How do you know? Is there anything you can do to improve the current arrangement? 

One thought on “Send This to Your Managers Today

  1. Kyle Jones

    I think this goes for personal relationships, professional groups and/or organizations and any other group. This isn’t limited to just business where there is too much ME and not enough WE.

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