5 thoughts on “Show us your fools!-April Fool’s HR Carnival

  1. Krista

    “We really don’t like to hire men” said at an event that should be feel-good and motivational. Nice.

    In residential DD service, I think discrimination against men is probably more explicit than any other form. For example, we’ll have families and even other staff saying they want us to hire a woman because women are better cooks and are more nurturing. In addition to cooking and care-giving, I think there’s a third thing that families worry about that they don’t come out and say: they fear that their son/daughter is more vulnerable to sexual abuse with a male counselor. To add further insult, sometimes families have even been known to ask men if they are gay,(suggesting that gay people are predators). I’ve tried to do more proactive work with families to educate them that we can consider BFOQ’s but we don’t discriminate on the basis of sex.

    1. Ben Post author

      That last reason (sexual misconduct) was the exact reason that I didn’t mention in the video, Krista. Sounds like this stuff goes on across the field without respect to geographic location. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Ben Post author

      It’s actually not, Stephanie. :-) upstartHR has been around for about two and a half years now!

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