Employee engagement strategies for the 21st century

There’s a free teleseminar today that focuses on employee engagement strategies that I’m looking forward to. As I posted yesterday, I’m really excited about the opportunities that exist once you get your workforce engaged.

If you’re interested in listening in on this free resource, click here and you can learn more. But do it quickly! Patty is going to get things rolling at 1:30 Central on Tuesday, April 12th.

What you’ll learn

Patty will share with you five missing 21st century employee engagement strategies that are preventing your company from becoming the employer of choice, including:

  1. The strategy missing that leads to your company\’s inability to find great people.  (hint: its not about hiring expensive executive search firms!)
  2. The strategy you are missing that leads to a the loss of great employees to your competitors.
  3. The strategy you are missing that is keeping your revenues from soaring.
  4. The strategy you are missing that leads to exorbitant training costs.
  5. The strategy you are missing that is harming your company\’s reputation.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, click here to sign up for the free call.

For those reading this after Tuesday, April 12th, the call will already be finished! Sorry!