SHRM 2013 HR Carnival

For those of you not familiar, the Carnival of HR is a biweekly collection of great content from some of the other HR bloggers around the world.

This week I’m hosting a special edition focusing on the SHRM Conference. I did bend the rules just a bit to allow an intriguing post about the conference experience from a marketer’s point of view, but otherwise it’s a quick review of the event from some of the best and brightest that HR has to offer. Enjoy!

  1. My friend Paul Smith at Welcome to the Occupation shares Curiosity Killed The Cat.
  2. Jon Ingham kicked over Why Your Talent Aren’t Talent.
  3. Kevin Grossman pitched in his thoughts on Selling in the Workforce, based on Daniel Pink’s keynote speech.
  4. Melissa Fairman, who I was thrilled to finally meet in person, shares her thoughts on her Adventures at SHRM.
  5. Emily Jasper at The Starr Conspiracy gives us some ideas that marketing is using to Make Events Exciting for Those At Home.
  6. Jennifer Payne puts her Thoughts on Becoming More out at the Women of HR blog.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share! I hope the rest of you in the audience will check out the content and let some of these other authors know your thoughts.

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