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Just what is RSS really?

What the Heck is RSS?

And why should I care?

What is RSS?

Good questions. First, here\’s why you should care.

Unlike getting website updates or ezines by email, RSS feeds give you absolute, 100% complete control over the situation.

You don\’t have to reveal your email address. If you want to stop receiving content, you don\’t have to request to be “taken off the list.”

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Why I started blogging

I absolutely love blogging. It’s one of those activities that I can just lose myself in. I’ve wondered for a while now about whether I should do any blogging about, well, blogging! In that vein, I did an informal Twitter poll the other night and asked if anyone wanted to see more posts about blogging. There were quite a few responses (both public and private), and I think it’s worth a shot. While some of you aren’t bloggers, the information should be interesting and it could give you some helpful tips if your organization is attempting to make headway in the social media space. Plus, this is my house. I make the rules. :-)

I’ll kick it off with a nostalgic post about why I started blogging.

In the beginning… Continue reading