Offer for New Bloggers and a Video

This post was written last week, and I have since written about HRevolution (the HR unconference) and announced the new look for the blog. But you still want to see me in action, right?


Hey guys. I am still unwinding my brain from HRevolution and the frenzied carnival post I pulled together last week. Plus, I’ve been up late working on a little side project to help some beginner bloggers. If you’re a beginner blogger or want to start your own, please email me. I will personally help you get rolling in exchange for some feedback.


I’ve heard some people say we have enough bloggers already. That’s just silly. Saying that makes you sound like the guy who told me he doesn’t read blogs because he “already knows enough.” Yeah, right. I think as the number off bloggers rises, the more valuable it will be for those looking for guidance in a specific niche.

In a weird “what if” scenario, what if someone said we had enough blogs 12 months ago? How many fantastic people would that knock out of the game?

Anyway… Hopping off the soapbox. I had some time to reflect during the 10 hour round trip last weekend, and I am thinking of some interesting new developments here at UpstartHR. Stick around and you’ll see what I mean. By the way, I have been using a new theme on the site for a few weeks. It solved some of the issues I had with the previous theme, but it comes with its own limitations. I’m testing another theme that will radically change the look of the site, but you still get the same old me! I have to go. The hourly worklife is calling. See you guys soon!

One thought on “Offer for New Bloggers and a Video

  1. Krista Francis

    You know what? I think we have enough books. And enough movies. And enough songs.

    No need to create any more! (smile)

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