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Gen Y, Generations, and Stereotypes

gen y generation differences stereotypesOne thing I often look back and realize that I miss is the interaction and discussion in my college classes. The ones that I learned the most in were not just a professor spouting meaningless information from a podium. The really great classes had a lot of student interaction, and that was facilitated best by a good professor.

This has been on my mind in the past week as I\’ve followed the conversation on Gen Y, generations, and stereotypes in this post. The comments section is probably 3-4 times as long as the actual post, but it has some great discussions that I feel are necessary. Continue reading

What I Believe About HR

what I believe

I have a lot of solid opinions about HR (don’t we all?). However, I know that as my experience changes through the years, my opinions may take a turn as well. I want to share this fantastic post that helped me to shape my early beliefs. Frank Roche of KnowHR is one of the most amazing writers I know, and his post 65 Things I Believe about HR is one you should not miss. A few of my favorite parts: Continue reading