What I Believe About HR

what I believe

I have a lot of solid opinions about HR (don’t we all?). However, I know that as my experience changes through the years, my opinions may take a turn as well. I want to share this fantastic post that helped me to shape my early beliefs. Frank Roche of KnowHR is one of the most amazing writers I know, and his post 65 Things I Believe about HR is one you should not miss. A few of my favorite parts:

  • I believe it\’s important to have friends at work.
  • I believe people want to work with superstars.
  • I believe in the company making money.
  • I believe in HR helping employees understand how.
  • I believe HR forgot that being fair and treating everyone the same aren\’t the same things.
  • I believe not all managers should be managers.
  • I believe handwritten notes go farther than all the recognition programs combined.
  • I believe merit increases can never be performance differentiators the way we do it now.

I’m still shaping my beliefs, but I know that many of you have something that you can add. What defines you? What beliefs do you hold close to your heart?