When Training Isn’t the Answer with Delta Dental’s Head of Learning

There’s certainly the opportunity cost that comes with assigning someone from your learning team or frankly finding anybody to work on this if it’s not gonna fix the problem. There’s also the frustration that comes with that. I’ve experienced that personally and as a leader of learning professionals. It is really frustrating to spend your time and effort doing something that you think is not gonna work.

Ben Sieke, Director of Talent Development and Learning, Delta Dental

We’re Only Human — Episode 156

When training is the answer to a problem, it can improve performance, satisfaction, and results. 

When it’s not the answer, it just increases frustration, drives down motivation, and increases unnecessary costs. 

In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Ben Sieke from Delta Dental about when issues are training problems and when they aren’t. More importantly, Sieke shares insights as a learning executive for how to adapt and respond to the situations in a positive, productive way. If you’ve ever been told “it’s a training problem” and weren’t sure that assessment was correct, this episode is for you. 

Note: This episode is a replay from HR Summer School 2022. HRSS 2023 is now open for registration.

Show Notes