Workplace Culture, Netflix, and Teams (Video)

Check out the short video below. I have recently become increasingly interested in the topic of workplace culture, and I think people underestimate the power it holds. Companies like Netflix know what their culture really means, and taking the first step to define it is a big part of the process.

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Last week in my SHRM chapter mentoring group, the discussion turned to what makes a great workplace. One of the participants believed that it was because their employees were treated like family. Yet another person replied to that, “They\’re not family, they\’re a team.”

I was reading something about the work culture at Netflix recently, and that\’s one thing to which they attribute their success. They are a team of people with a shared goal, but they are not a family. Would you fire your mom or discipline your sister? Probably not.

You have to keep these kinds of things in perspective, especially if you are managing others.

So, do you work with a family or a team? I\’d like to hear your take on it.

My friend Krista put together a post on a similar topic. Check it out: should you treat employees like family?

3 thoughts on “Workplace Culture, Netflix, and Teams (Video)

  1. Ted

    Love Netflix and their culture deck is unreal. I want to work with a team. I think it boils down to smart people wanting to work with other smart people on challenging problems that excite them. Netflix offers this almost better than anybody else.

  2. Ben Post author

    @Ted Me, too. Current employer is trying to transition from the “family” to the “team” environment, and it’s stressful for a lot of people. Great comment!

    @Krista You and I play off each other very well, no? Linked back to your post within my own. Good points.

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