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Workplace Culture, Netflix, and Teams (Video)

Check out the short video below. I have recently become increasingly interested in the topic of workplace culture, and I think people underestimate the power it holds. Companies like Netflix know what their culture really means, and taking the first step to define it is a big part of the process.

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Netflix, Culture, and Responsibility (Slideshare)

Check out the fantastic Slideshare presentation I found the other day. It deals with culture, a high performance work environment, and the company that revolutionized movie rentals. (Subscribers may need to click through to view.)

The ideas in the presentation are refreshing and inspiring. They reinforce my core beliefs about HR. The “keeper test” on slide 29 is killer, and the reason for for such an emphasis on a high performance workforce (slide 35) is brilliant.

So, which part do you like? Would you enjoy working somewhere like Netflix?

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