You’ll get your chance to shine

Check out the video below for some really neat insights into the culture where I work and how we value hiring team players over “A” players. The highlights:

  • No showoffs
  • Delayed gratification
  • Everyone gets a chance to shine

3 thoughts on “You’ll get your chance to shine

  1. leon Noone

    G’Day Ben,
    Once again, I believe that you’re right on the money. Your manager seems to be one smart lady.

    Back in 1984 I had a book published in England called “The Social Manager: Let’s Stop Playing at Management Training.” That was the first time that I presented my view that the basic human unit in the workplace is the team, not the individual. Effectiveness as a team member should be an integral part of the assessment of the performance of every employee.

    I’m not claiming that I was the first to suggest this. But it was considered a rather eccentric view 25 years’ ago. Nothing’s happened since then to change my opinion.

    Unfortunately, most management training and development today, still fails to adequately value the importance of team effectiveness.

    These days, I go a step further. I stick my neck right out and say that team effectiveness is not a function of how well employees “get on.” If people are effective and successful together, they’ll find a way to “get on.”

    None of this enamours me to the majority of HR practitioners. So I was pleased to hear what you had to say in your video. Sounds like an interesting place to work. By the way, I never talk about “team building” only “team development.” The team doesn’t need to be “built.” It exists. There’s a lot more about this on my blog if you’d like to find out more.

    Thanks again


  2. Henway

    I’m not sure if it’s reasonable to expect everyone to be an effective team member. Remember, that most people have their own agendas..we all want to get ahead, and sometimes it means to the expense of others around us

    1. Ben Post author

      And we definitely don’t expect that from everyone, Henway. That’s why we don’t hire people who don’t have that qualification. Being the best widget maker in the world at the expense of your teammates just makes you a detriment to the organization as a whole. We don’t need those people.

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