HRevolution Blog Carnival

The ones who started it all...

We have about thirty posts here today from some of the people I respect most in this industry. It’s not because they’re the smartest (although many are brilliant). It’s not because they know all the secret tips and tricks (although they could teach us all a thing or two). It’s not even because they are good looking (those avatars don’t show everything) ;-). It’s because they take the time and make the effort to continue pushing this profession and the people in it to be better. Every. Single. Day. We’re all better off for your efforts!

Because we have so many great posts, I’m going to keep my commentary to a minimum and just share the links to these fantastic recaps, takeaways, and nostalgic moments. If you set aside twenty minutes to start digging into the posts below, I can pretty much guarantee that you will find new blogs/people to follow. Fair warning: you’ll also have an insatiable desire to attend the next HRevolution. What can I say? It’s an awesome event. :-)

Speaking of awesome… We are going to be partnering with the HR Technology Conference to offer a special one-day HRevolution event on October 2nd, 2011 in Las Vegas! More details to come, but if you have been wanting to attend the event but you’re out in the western US, this is going to be your big shot! Stay tuned.

The posts

And that’s not all. We have videos from the event coming soon thanks to Maren Hogan and some more great stuff on the horizon. Remember, HRev isn’t your usual conference. We keep the good stuff coming all year long! Thanks again to our sponsors, facilitators, and attendees for making the event as successful as it is. We appreciate you all!

3 thoughts on “HRevolution Blog Carnival

  1. Chris

    I’ve read some of these, but not all, and now its great to have them all in once place. This must have been hard work. Thank you for putting this together.

  2. Jon Ingham

    Thanks Ben, great collection of posts.

    Your readers and particularly HRevolution attendees might also like the recent carnival of posts on the UK’s (nearest) equivalent to HRevolution, ConnectingHR:

    Also, hope lots of peeps from HRevolution, and elsewhere, will submit for next week’s regular carnival at Strategic HCM. No theme this time (unless I spot one). Email me at info [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com.

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