17 ways to enjoy the HR Carnival

We are drawn to lists. It’s pretty simple, really. With all the information at our fingertips on a daily basis, our brains need some way of keeping track of all the data. It needs a way to catalog resources it runs across, so it sorts, ranks, and filters as needed. Today I have a special list. The Carnival of HR is in town, and I’ve collected 17 fantastic posts for your enjoyment. Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity, get more speaking roles as a trench HR pro, or fire an employee, there is something here for you!

  1. Tanmay Vora brings us 10 productivity reminders.
  2. Lizzie Smithson shares 7 reasons people hate you on Twitter.
  3. Laurie Ruettimann offers up 3 annoying things you do on Twitter.
  4. Eric Meyer tells us 6 shocking social media stats.
  5. Paul Baribeau lets us in on the top 5 job boards for recruiters.
  6. Mark Stelzner preaches on 4 ways “trench HR” pros can get more speaking gigs.
  7. Mike McCarty gives us 4 steps to understanding background checks and the FCRA.
  8. Jennifer Miller lets us know the 4 critical roles on a project team.
  9. Jennifer McClure presents 10 presentations on using social media for HR and recruiting.
  10. Dan McCarthy tells us 10 reasons not to do succession planning.
  11. Laura Schroeder offers 7 trendy HR trends to follow.
  12. Naomi Bloom brings Thanksgiving early with 6 things she’s thankful for.
  13. Andrew Tarvin yuks it up with 5 tips for corporate entertainment success.
  14. Mike Haberman talks about the number 1 key to retention.
  15. Chris Young throws out 4 tips for effective meetings.
  16. Shauna Moerke coughs up 5 ways to know you should have called in sick.

Thanks again to all the great participants for sharing their expertise! I had a great time reading through these posts and I know you will, too.

6 thoughts on “17 ways to enjoy the HR Carnival

  1. lizzie

    Thanks, Ben! I hope you had a good birthday this week. I love Shauna’s 5 Ways to Know You Should Have Called In Sick….Hilarious.

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