7 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Help You Find the Best Employees


Human capital plays a critical role in carrying the vision of the company. A team can determine if the company achieves its goal of not. At a time when finding talent is an arduous task, taking a risk is not an option. You want to get the best person for the job. You also want a person you can nurture to be a future leader.

Because of that, you have to consider many factors before making a hire. They include merit, aptitude, temperament, ambition, culture fit, and many other things. Thanks to pre-employment assessments, you can tighten your hiring process to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person.

You must be wondering how that is possible. Well, keep reading.

  1. You Can Sort Quickly Before the Candidates Start To Pull Out

Whenever you post a job advert, some candidates get offers from other companies when you are still shortlisting. You can remove the shortlisting stage by introducing pre-employment tests. During such trials, candidates will naturally select themselves out of the running for the position.

The process leaves you with those who score highly. All you have to do is to invite those who qualify for the interview. Unlike the keyword-based shortlisting method, this one is specific to the void you want to fill.

  1. You Only Interview the Most Qualified

As noted above, it acts as a natural shortlisting method, only that you price yourself out or out when you are a candidate. It is a benefit to the company because all it needs is to set a threshold on what it takes to earn a date with the panelists.

You can adjust the group whenever necessary to accommodate an expedited recruitment need. What you are sure about is that anyone who meets the minimum score can fill the vacant position. Interviewers can focus on more details during oral interviews because they are dealing with a smaller sample. They can minimize the risk of error, too.

  1. You Can Perform Targeted Testing

Companies may be hiring people to work in different contexts. If the job description is the same, but the work context different, understanding the value each candidate can bring to the table can be subjective.

Pre-testing candidates will let you sort out people by tweaking the test to fit specified criteria. You can hire 10 different people for the same job position to work in 10 different situations. Companies that hire for different stores or branches can benefit from such capability to get the best fit for each case.

  1. The Focus Is a Good Fit

Each company wants an employee who blends in with the company culture. Pre-testing can offer such targeted shortlisting to get only those who have the traits required to succeed in your organization.

  1. Helps You Hire the Person, Not the Skillset

Organizations are increasingly hiring the person instead of the skillset. They realize that the skillset may change over time, but the personality will endure a lifetime. Companies want people that they can mold through training and mentorship. That is possible to do using this recruitment tool.

  1. Brings Objectivity into the Recruitment

The font in an application letter, a nice necktie, and such flimsy things always end up in an interview panel. It is in human nature to identify and connect with their surroundings. A panelist might develop a soft spot for a candidate who quotes his favorite maxim. Well, pre-employment testing removes everyone who should not be in the interview room. Those picked after that will have proven himself or herself worthy already.

  1. You Can Improve On the Pre-Testing Methods

This recruitment tool can adapt to emerging needs. You can improve on it, test it, and revise it until it is perfect. If you want it to eliminate certain characters for one reason or another, you keep tweaking it until it yields.


Hiring using pre-employment assessments like the Berke Assessment is a proven way of getting high-quality employees.