Culture at work-what do you want to know?

culture at workThis weekend I started on a new guide (read through to the end to find out how you can get a free copy!). The focus is culture at work, and I am looking for ideas to make sure it’s as valuable as possible to the people who will read it. I already have some amazing responses, but there’s always room for more! Here’s a taste of what people want to know that I plan to answer in the guide…

  • I’m frustrated that too often, ‘doesn’t fit culture’ as an interview comment can mean anything from ‘I’m not comfortable with his/her attitude’ to ‘she seems old’ to ‘he doesn’t like the same things we do.’ Yes, you can hire for culture on the basis of shared core values and behaviors, but it’s important to define work culture as those core values and behaviors, rather than as any demographic or hobby.
  • We’ve just started the process of rolling two other companies into ours and the cultures at all three locations are fairly different.  At my location while we are relaxed we still expect people to come into the office and work their scheduled time.  The two new locations are even more laid back. Our concern is how to add a little more structure in the day to day operations of the new businesses without making them feel like its a hostile takeover.

The quick, three question survey is linked below. Could you take a moment and help me create this thing? In return I\’ll share a free advance copy of what I create with you (you\’ll have to share your email at the end of the survey so I can send it to you).

Update: the survey has closed and the Organizational Culture Change guide has been released.