Unique Corporate Culture Ideas (Video)

Having a unique corporate culture, as I have said previously, can be a strategic differentiator for your organization. But the thing is, there’s no “one size fits all” culture. Some will draw you in like a magnet, and others will repel you. There’s no “good or bad” really, it’s just different. In this video I talk about why you should be okay that some people hate your culture.

This week I’ll be running a series of videos on culture topics, from defining culture to leveraging it in the hiring process and more. I’m a culture junkie and believe that organizations that use it well can differentiate themselves from the competition. It’s a strategic competitive advantage. Use it well. 

 Other videos in this series:

  1. Defining corporate culture
  2. Hiring for culture fit
  3. Using culture for hiring discrimination

Unique Corporate Culture Notes

  • Take a few moments today and think about your unique corporate culture. Who would be attracted? Who would be repelled? Are you okay with that?
  • If the answer to the question above is “no,” then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Be sure you are defining corporate culture in such a way that you can still be hiring for culture fit.
  • As I said in the video on using your unique corporate culture as a hiring discrimination tool, it’s okay to use it as a way to filter out candidates as long as you’re doing it on a legal basis.

Any thoughts to add? Have you enjoyed the series? Hated it?

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