HR Roundtable Discussions

My friend Steve Browne is known as the facilitator for the HR Round Table Discussions up in Ohio. The neat part about his efforts? He shares the notes with anyone and everyone so we can all benefit from the work of the group! Cincinnati News actually wrote a piece on Steve’s role in the Roundtable a while back. It’s an interesting read.

(He made me promise to remind you that it’s the group that does the heavy lifting and he just adds his own thoughts, but we all know he’s doing a great service to the HR community with this stuff.) :-)

This morning, he let me know that it was okay to share the notes with everyone, so if you’d like to see the archives of the discussions from the past few years, click the link below to check them out. A few topics they’ve covered over the years:

Click here to see the HR Roundtable notes (and get your learning on!)

Follow Steve on Twitter if you don’t already! @sbrownehr