#HRevolution HR Improv Session Videos

HR Improv was a session at HRevolution where participants had to present on a slideshow that they had never seen before and somehow tie it back to employee relations, recruiting, etc.

Please forgive the shaky portion of the videos. I grabbed the camera halfway through the session when I realized how hilarious this was going to be. I didn’t have a tripod, so I did the best I could with what I had.

Sean Conrad

Sean Conrad of Halogen Software was one of our volunteers. The random presentation we drew for Sean was a slideshow invitation to vacation in Nnoordwijk, Holland, and he had to try and relate that to the recruiting and talent management process. The first few minutes of his session were cut off, but this was the winner of the contest, so I wanted to get him a little love anyway!

Pam Ross

Pam Ross, a first time HRevolutionary, was another of our volunteers. The random presentation we drew for Pam was uploaded by a young lady as her tribute to the “Best Boyfriend Ever,” and she had to try and relate that to the talent management process. It was a little more risque, so I wouldn’t play this one loudly unless you want some very interesting glances.

Thanks for checking out the videos!

6 thoughts on “#HRevolution HR Improv Session Videos

    1. Ben Post author

      @Sean Thanks for that! I wasn’t sure what the original links were and a little searching didn’t turn up promising results.

      Oh, and I’ll admit I knew what LARPing was, even though I’ve never had a chance to participate. It really sounds like [geeky] fun. :-)

  1. Linda

    Thanks for capturing the fun, Ben! And thank you Sean and Pam for entertaining me again :) What an awesome event!
    PS: I learnt a lot that day, including what LARPing is ;)

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